Family Training & Activities

Training and Activities for families

Monster Inside

We have seen a lot of success  with the “Monster Inside” and it is what all of our programmes are based around. It is a concept that has been brought together using years of experience and knowledge of working with challenging children.
The project teaches both child and adult how to make informed choices and is a concept that we aim at all ages and at people from all walks of life. Everybody has a monster that will grow when poor choices are made, but can be squashed when we think about better options. This particular project is designed for the child and adult to work together in creating a happier environment for them.
The project runs for 3 weeks with the children in one workshop and the parents/carers in another workshop running simultaneously, with both groups working on the same topic each week. In week 3 both groups are brought together to discover what has been learnt.

The programme looks at family values, social media, developing good relationships with school, as well as strategies to manage those monsters.

For details on when the next course is please see our Diary page

Family Outings & Social Events

We organise family outings and social events each year to give families the opportunity to have a relaxing and fun time together with as little stress as possible.
The main outing each year is to see a pantomime at Cliffs Pavilion in Southend in December.
We organise the tickets, arrange the coaches to get us there and even do a seating plan to try to match families to help start building a support network and to help newer families feel relaxed and valued.
Our social events are also fundraisers, but mainly they are fun and relaxed evenings where you get to meet other families and the children can be themselves without your parenting being judged. These can be anything from quiz nights to themed “disco” evenings.

For details about when any of these activities are available, and how much they cost, please visit the Diary Dates page