About Us

ADDUP stands for “Attention Deficit Disorders: Uniting Parents”. We are a registered charity, support and action group run by parents of children with ADHD

We are a friendly group of parents and children from all walks of life who share a common thread… we all live with ADHD which is a disorder that effects the whole family framework and not just the individual with the diagnosis.

Together we are on a steep learning curve on how to deal with ADHD, how to secure practical help and how to enjoy our children and the many special talents they possess.

We do not restrict our doors just to parents. So all siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all ADHD children out there – come along and be welcome – you belong here!

Our Mission Statement:

Addup supports, nurtures, and educates families living with, and professionals working with, ADHD. We do this by recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of each person with passion, commitment, and a smile – whilst keeping the family at the heart of everything.

Together we can make a difference.

What do we do?

  • We offer practical and emotional support.
  • We teach parents/carers new skills to manage ADHD in their everyday lives to help reduce the risk of family breakdowns.
  • We teach children how to manage their ADHD and encourage them to remain in education to achieve their true potential.
  • We bring parents, carers, guardians and children together in many social settings to boost their self esteem and invoke a sense of belonging.
  • We offer a range of training packages to schools for both staff and pupils.
  • We empower parents/carers with the correct information needed to meet with the professionals involved in their child’s life, giving them confidence to manage the many aspects of their child’s disabilities.
  • We campaign to achieve better and more beneficial services and we work with the statutory services to help identify gaps in provision to improve services for children with ADHD.
  • Working together we raise funds from many sources in order to provide better services for our children.

How are we doing it?

  • By organising activities for children and young people with ADHD and their siblings to meet their specific needs.
  • By offering training/information to parents/carers teaching them new skills to manage their family more effectively.
  • By working together as a united voice for all parents/carers of children with ADHD and challenging behaviours to make changes that will benefit the children.
  • By engaging with the statutory services and raising issues that affect the entire family.
  • By encouraging all people to find the practical and financial help they may be entitled to and by offering any practical assistance we can.
  • By inviting appropriate guests and speakers to address our meetings.

Our main objectives:

  • Raise public and professional awareness of ADHD.
  • For our children to take their rightful place as valued members of the community.

What we have achieved:

  • By working closely with Education, Health and Children’s Services, we helped create a protocol for the identification and management of ADHD. This was launched in April 2001.
  • We achieved Registered Charity status in order to make the best use of our finances for the benefit of all.
  • We opened a Support Centre which is situated at 59 Billet Lane, Hornchurch. It is open weekdays from 10am until 4pm for appointments.
  • Working with UK ADHD Partnership (UKAP) and lobbying Government, ADHD is now recognised and written into the SEN Code of Practice
  • Havering Business Awards
    Community Recognition Award 2009 winner, which recognises outstanding achievements by groups who enhance and improve the quality of life and opportunity for individuals or other groups.
  • Kids Count Inspiration Awards
    Director’s Award winner 2010
    Best Mentor, Highly Commended 2011
    Most Inspirational Young Person 2014
  • Life Changers Foundation
    Outstanding Achievement Award 2013

We have supported many families and through our work and with more understanding we have seen:

  • Less children being excluded from school
  • More young people remain in education and go on to further and higher education
  • Better relationships between school and home
  • Less family breakdowns and sibling rivalry
  • More young people engage in voluntary work.
Children are our future.
We at Addup wish to see all children have a bright and fulfilling future,
reaching their potential and enjoying life.