Children’s Voices

This is a five-year project that will give our children a voice to tell the professionals how to do it correctly by creating training videos for professionals from all fields to be disseminated nationwide that will see it from a child/young person perspective. This project is open to all Addup children and young people. The children will learn new skills including: interviewing, presenting to professionals, creating videos, performing and directing.

We are now going into our third term of the “Children’s Voices”. This term the children will be speaking to professionals to ask:

What do you know about me?” and “What do you need to know?

From their answers the children will start to put together the next stage of this project creating the scenarios that will answer the questions above.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss the project, please call the office.

The term dates are as follows:
4pm to 5.30pm each Wednesday from 11th September to 4th December 2019. There is no session on Wednesday 23rd October, due to school holidays.
The cost for this term is £60.00

If you would like your child to be considered for this project, then please complete the form below by the closing date, 21st August at 12pm, places will be limited and you will be notified if your child/young person has been given a place by 28th August.